12 Week Mastery is a brand new training system presented by Brian P Moran. This program is based on the ideas from his bestselling book “The 12 Week Year” and this 12 Week Mastery course teaches us brand new techniques and methods that take things for you and your company to the next level, which enabling us to achieve more in 12 weeks that we would normally achieve in 12 months. Launch starts September 7th. Companies have been paying $25,000-$50,000 for their employees to attend this same course that is now being offered to you for the first time. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you should not pass up. If you decided to buy this product click the purchase link at the bottom of the page and receive either an iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, or an Amazon Echo! You can only receive this by purchasing through me. Nobody else can offer this!

What Will I Receive from the 12 Week Mastery Course?

1) Pre-12 Week Year Live Webinar Training from Brian P. Moran
2) Daily emails & videos (2-5 mins each) are sent to each client throughout the 12 weeks
3) 12 Weekly Coaching Sessions
4) 2 Tickets to a Live Event that will be in West Palm Beach, FL
5) You will get a copy of the 12 Week Year book, welcome letter, a 12 Week Year game plan, and 12 Weekly plan & scorecard sheets
6) Active & Membership Community
7) (optional) Participate in a 12 Week Contest

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